Question and Answer

If you've got questions about me or the site, e-mail me using the info from the Contact page, and I'll try to answer it. Questions asked often, will be placed here. So consider this an FAQ of sorts.


Q: Is this site complete yet?
A: Not by a long shot. I've got lots of stuff to add, and I'll be changing it often, probably.

Q: What's a "Travisuped"?
A: A Travisuped is a fictional angel- Travis- whom has been- "uped"- or has reached the high point of their destiny. Or rather, it's a reference to something that hasn't been clearly depicted as of yet. If I ever start wrtining the story, I'll explain more there. On this site, unless it has something to do with a gallery image, Travisuped referes to me- the creator of the site.

Q: What is this site for?
A: So I'll have a site I can call my own. So I can back-up importaint data when my PC experiences problems. Also, so I can have a gallery to disply my stuff in without having to rely on deviantArt or SheezyArt, or any of those guys.