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This is the place where I ramble my incessent thoughts when I'm a loss for anything else to do. Or when I'm making plans. Or when there's something on the updates section of the site that I need to move off the fron page.

Much of this will not be all that interesting unless you want to know about how I think, or just want to delve back into the site's history. I'm actually quite doubtful anyone will read it. Also, I do not spell-check blog entries. Read at your own risk.


August 25, 2007

It's been a while since I've updated. I've added a link to the Half y Media Pchat to Links section of the site.
I also decided I'll take my hand at keeping to a comic, and made the Half Journal, Half Comic.
I'm going more for sheer output than quality in the comic, so if you want high-quality artwork in the updates, you've got the wrong comic.

Febuary 18, 2007

Added some more art to the gallery. Not much else, update-wise.

Febuary 03, 2007

Uploaded a lot of art to the gallery, but my laptop's keyboard is massing up on me. Also, I made the gallery page, but it doesn't even reflect half the things actually in the gallery.

January 28, 2007

I worked on Training Day nearly this entire day... But I made some nice progress!

January 27, 2007

I forgot to upload the site updates yesterday, despite having typed them already... Oh well. I fixed the glitch that allows Kyle to miss but continue a combo, but I'm planning on changing his attack graphics as well. The second player references were dropped, so that shouldn't cause error messages anymore. I need to replace Sasha's sprite with the more up-to-date ones from Demon Gate, but if I do that I'm going have to remove the jumping sprites altogether. (Which could potentially FIX a problem that causes Sasha to get stuck in the ground.) I still have other things to update, but I really want to work on Hannah's sprites today if I do nothing else. I've changed "Hu" to "Hannah 'Hu' Sarah Rose" for forum reference reasons. I'm actually kinda enjoying working on the game now. And Demon Gate's making a lot of progress, so I'm excited about upcoming releases!
I have some images uploaded to the server that people would be able to view right now if they know the URL. But the gallery still isn't constructed, and those images aren't suitable for web-viewing. I've decided I'm going to go ahead and back up the stuff from the updates page here to save me the trouble of doing it later, because I know that I plan to. Sense I'm backing all of it up to here, I could just wipe the old ones from the page right now, but I'm not going to. I might drop the last one, and leave it so that there are always three updates on the page at one time. I MIGHT, that is.

January 26, 2007:

I worked on Training Day a bit over the course of the week. By the end of Sunday, I should have a newer version up with Arin playable, and some actual STORY in the game. But that's only if things go as well as I'm hoping.

I'll see about getting the gallery running soon, but I'm in no real rush. My DA and SA galleries are still intact, and I don't really have anything worthwhile to show off just yet. The blog really could just be a link to my LJ if I decide to be lazy about it. I'm not sure if I'd evem update it that often if I did have it on site. If anything, I'm thinking it'll just be a collection of these updates for a while... That's obviously not too interesting a read unless you're curious as to how the site was made. You can always e-mail me for that info. Just check the Contact link. I like e-mails.

In other news: I've just downloaded myself a TRACKER! Mad Tracker 2 to be percise. And with any luck, there may be some new music soon. Or not. I've still got TD to work on, remember? And I've started trying to reason out how my Active Battle system would work by creating a small demonstration version of it. At current, it's hardly anything but a few animated graphics, but I can speed up the process by using artwork from Demon Gate. (Keemonto already gave me permission before to use his stuff in fan-works, and the A-S is being developed for use in another fan-game.) Anyway, I'm going to consider making a page for it, and letting people fool around with it if they want. The early versions will probably be very different.

January 22, 2007:

I spent a bit of time making workable version of everything but the Blog page and the Gallery. Once I have those done, it'll be a matter of replacing the banner, and filling the site with content.

January 21, 2007:

Today I've managed to get my Domain Name registered, and I now have a host. This site and the Snaketail Shrine will go online very soon, but both of them are still WIP. I'm going to offer the link to my journal readers, and request feedback, but I probably won't be able to work on either of these projects until next week. I just started all the work on this index today, so forgive me if it is shoddy work. I personally think this index looks rather neat, and it IS functional (I just need to add the pages it's linking to, and replace that place-holder banner in the upper right) but if you have suggestions, either post it to my LJ or send me an e-mail.

I'll probably be working on the Links section next week, so until then, here's a link to the Demon Gate Demo.