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Looking for the rest of my stuff?
Want to get away from this horrifying monstrosity of a website? (I won't blame you if you do!)
Well, that's no problem on the internet! There are some links below for you to check out.

More Travisuped

Travisuped @ dA

Travisuped at deviantArt - I have a DA account, but I'm not very active there these days.

Travisuped @ DM

Travisuped at DMusic - I'm less active on DMusic than I am on dA. But my music is there and available for download is this site is down for whatever reason.

Travisuped @ SA

Travisuped at SheezyArt - I used to be somewhat active on SA, but now I just use it for occasional fan-art and such. I'm on there just as much as I'm on dA.

Travisuped @ LJ

Travisuped at Live-Journal - I have multiple live-journals, but this is the one most relevant to the site. I'm on there at least once a week, usually, but I'm not a heavy commentator.

Travisuped @ Pchat

Travisuped's "Half y Media" Pchat - I can't say I'll be here a lot, but when I am I probably won't mind talking. And if you want to draw something yourself, go ahead. Draw anything you want as long as you keep it Pg-17 or less. If you want to draw porn or anything of the like there, I don't mind as long as you make sure to clear the screen when you're done. And this goes without saying, but you're free to save whatever you draw on the pchat. Just play nice with other users, and you'll be fine.


Zc456 @ dA

Zc456 at Deviantart - One of the friends I made early on dA, he's pretty friendly. I still owe him an animation of Terry and Z battling. His artwork ideas range from serious, to sexy, to zany, and I think that's one of the things I like about the guy. Check his stuff out.

Neutrino-X @ dA

Neutrino-X - Also met on dA, I talk to this guy on IMs more than any other user, I think. He's got some crazy ideas too, and they're worth peeking at. I can not say this enough times: I think he's very, very, intelligent. I can't even say that about myself.

Megawolf77 @ dA

Megawolf77 at Deviantart - One of those artists I look up to along with Miu, Tojyo, and Karabiner. He doesn't seem to always like his work that much, but I rather like it. He's an excellent manga artist, and he knows how to work with his fans when he can. I'm a sucker for Excalibur / Exuberence Dragon, but that doesn't say a thing about his artistic prowess. Check it out.

Saimiri @ dA

Saimiri at Deviantart - Met on dA in a workgroup. She's a rather great artist who works well with paints, markers, and all sorts of materials I'm terrible at. She taught me a lot, and is friendly, so I'm greatful. Check out her fantasy works! It's good stuff!

Amade @ dA

Amade at deviantArt - I'm not sure if I over credit the guy or not, but I really look up to him. He's a generous guy who'll give you honest advice for your work if you ask for it, and he doesn't mind helping out artists who are willing to try. He's probably one of the first people I've ever met of the sort, and I don't think I'll be forgetting him anytime short of my death. View his works. It'll be worth your time.

Fun and Useful

Felix the Fox

The Adventures of Felix the Fox - Why wasn't this already on my site!? I should have added it ages ago! Felix stars in a series of action-adventure games made by Anti. They're all pretty fun, and the battle system isn't that bad, though I've never completed any of them. Give 'em a try!


Board Game Designer's Forum - I had been looking for a site like this for a while after my interested in game development started to expand beyond the realms of just videogames. There's a lot of good, useful information there on making boardgames, and I definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a little more inspiration to give it a try.

Inhuman - A dark sci-fi webcomic with down to Earth characters, created with real media. It's certainly interesting, though approaching its end.

HTML Source

HTML Source - Without which, this site would not exist. A great place to start for those interested in beginning their own websites.

HMTL5 Beginner's Guide

HTML5 Beginner's Guide - A brief primer on creating HTML5 compliant websites. (Added 7 Aug. 2014)

W3Schools HTML5 Guide

W3Schools HTML5 Guide - A more in-depth guide to creating HTML5 compliant websites with additional reference materials and samples. (Added 7 Aug. 2014)

Link Back

If you have your own site or blog- and you like this one- why not link back? Nothing makes this web-work more worthwhile that a few good regulars and new viewers from time to time. A text link is fine, as I do not have a completed banner at this time.