Amy "Kid" Moon

Likes: Laughing and being amused. Also, eating.

Dislikes: Using computers for anything other than the internet.

Trivia: Amy was created shortly after Kimmy's creation and has been one of her classmates for as long as she's been around. However, the idea saw little useage, so Amy is not well known.


A model sheet of sorts made quite a long time ago. She's cute, small, and a little chubby. Yay :D The most recent pic I had done of Amy. And it's still pretty old. The only thing I don't like about this one is how she's a lot taller and dysproportionately so, but she's still pretty cute.


Amy "Kid" Moon is one of the people who lives in the 4 homes in the same block as Kilo's. She knows Kimmy a tiny bit as a classmate, but they're not really friends or anything. Kid likes to laugh and is easily amused, and often finds the various stories of Kilo's exploits, or even watching him in action, hilarious. Kid is amused by the idea of watching things eat other living things, but doesn't actually practice it at all. She also likes using the internet for things, but doesn't like using computers for any other reason but internet use. Despite how it is listed, "Moon" isn't a surname. It's just another nickname some people use to joke with her. She stays with her uncle, Bear.

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