Likes: Justice, Dr. Metal, Upgrades, Peace

Dislikes: Injustice, being frozen, spikes

Trivia: If this all reminds you of anything in particular, you probably know my favorite NES Capcom series of games.


One of the earlier pics of Bubbles I'd had done. For quite a while I couldn't figure out why it suddenly stopped looking neat. Turns out I didn't even realize I added breasts somewhere in the middle of it all. Bubbles looks around trying to figure out where that darned annoying voice is coming from. KTAN obviously doesn't approave. Making another attempt at tweaking a past sketch into making it correct and nice and you know WITHOUT THE DRAGON BREASTS. It's a lot better looking without them.


Bubbles was created by Dr. Metal as his daughter. Once Dr. D used Dr. Metal's research to create the Bubble Meance, Bubbles's strong sense of justice leads her to volunteer to be comverted into a fighting robot. With her new oral fire cannon, Dragon Claws, and ability to absorb the bubble material, she sets out to take down the Bubble Menace, and anything else that poses a threat to Dr. Metal and justice.

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