Likes: Friends, challenges, active exercise and feeling sexy.

Dislikes: Injustice, money greed. distrust, and lies.


  • Charlotte tastes like a fancy three course meal. Yeah.

  • Charlotte is notable for being the only character I have as of today (5 July, 2009) that frequently swears. Kilo does not approve, and she tries to cut back, but it happens.

  • Pics

    LARGE IMAGE WARNING. Charlotte just standing around. I know I've drawn more pictures of her after she grew larger, but I can't seem to find them anymore. Char shows off her MAD SWEARING SKILLS. Tiny Charlotte in her usual outfit


    Charlotte is a strong and passionate woman who is also Kilo's childhood friend. She comes from a rich family, but doesn't often make mention of this to anyone she meets. She doesn't like the idea of people trying to be her friend solely for her money, yet people in the know still try, and she doesn't stick with them very long. The way she tends to leave home for long periods of time during the night and day in various costumes, cominbed with her physical strength and knowledge suggests that be a crime-fighting masked woman, but she doesn't usually talk about that very much. Charlotte knew Kilo since he was a little kid, and offered a hand-me-down family shirt to him so that he would have spare clothes as he grew older. The orange shirt she gave him ended up becoming his favorite. Charlotte spent a lot of her younger years pushing Kilo, trying to help him learn and become stronger and smarter like her, but she began to accept his gentle nature and let him live as he chose. She continually checks in on him and his life to make sure things are going well, and tries to help out around his house as a motherly figure when she does visit. Charlotte is a bit tomboyish at times, but when relaxing home she frequently wears outfits that emphasize her womanly figure when she's not exercising (and sometimes while she is). While Charlotte has a very large appitite, she can not cook, and either goes out to eat, asks someone else to cook for her, or makes up for it by eating a lot of things that take little effort to prepare. Magicwise, Charlotte specializes in aid magic, minor healing magic, and ability buffs.

    Question and Answer

    Q: Why do you tell people what Charloette tastes like?
    A: Because she has a flavor. |3 Kilo tastes like apple, too, but I forgot to mention it. Maybe I should add it. Ribbons tastes like honey, and Candy tastes like cherry-vanilla. Cohort doesn't have any distinct taste, but he'd probably be ridiculously chewy and bubbly. Half doesn't have any real flavor either, but I imagine he'd be something like jerky or just rainbows.

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