Foxy Interface Project - FIP

Likes: New experiences and surprises.

Dislikes: Sleep mode.

Trivia: FIPs like of surprises is a large part of why she finds balloons amusing. At least, that's my excuse.


This pic was a doodle as a part of a meme that I never completed. The balloon bits weren't originally a part of it, but I ended up loving it, so I left it in and eventually came back and redid it. I had been drawing FIP up to that point as very thin and small, but then I decided she might be better if I gave her more width to her body. FIP tends to be rather fond of balloons. They're full of surprises and are exciting because of it. That's her opinion of them, anyway. Man I adore the background on this. <3 Yeah!


To be honest, this character doesn't really need a description. She was created as a surrogate character for a previous character obsession, and so I draw her now for my entertainment. FIP is actually in-character a software AI experiment undergoing testing in a hardware interface designed to look like a wide-hips, large-thighs, tiny, cute stuffed toy. She's likely to appear in any sort of non-violent activity that doesn't involve her eating things (she doesn't have the hardware to do so, normally) or other sorts of things. Though her nature as adopting software means she can work just fine in other interfaces. This means there are more than one FIPs and that people have their own versions of it.

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