Half (AKA Media, Sky)

Likes: Doing things doing things hugs doing things doing things doing...

Dislikes: Not doing things. You know, like stopping. Or sleeping. Or taking a rest break.

Trivia: "I AM TOO AWESOME FOR TRIVIA" ( On another note, sometimes Half and Kilo get mixed up. To remember them better, consider that Kilo [1000] is larger than Half [0.5]. Kilo is a larger cat-like guy, and Half is a tiny dog-like guy that often gets confused for a bunny. )


He might be very fond of Pichu and Pikachu, but he still isn't a Pichu. Not even if he someday decides to dye his fur yellow. Front view, back view, and silly jump view of Half. WALLPAPER SIZE IMAGE WARNING. A wallpaper made using one of my first pics of Half after he was given his name. I'm rather fond of it. The image doesn't come in any other size, though. A message for all the fellow artists out there. Take it to heart as best as you can, and remind yourself of it day by day. LARGE IMAGE WARNING. A larger version of Half does a lot of silly things. Fun fun fun~ A sketch of Sky. Pretty messy, but at least you can see what she looks like, kinda.


Half is a character often used to represent myself in many situations I would not ever be in, and to convery other straightforward messages outright. In contrast to this, as his own character, Half is a very exaggerated, wild, energetic dog-looking guy who can change his shape to a certain extent at will, is capable of performing a "Spindash", and usually carries a bamboo staff or a drawing notebook everywhere he goes. Half can not "die" and the destruction of a previous body causes a new Half to fall from the sky. He is friends with Lily, and was trained to be more flexible and agile by Nagoradria in his own continuity, but unlike most of my other characters, he is well aware of the other continuties, the characters that inhabit them, and is free to visit most of them as he pleases. However, as a rule, he will almost never appear in the same place as Kilo at the same time.

Half has no desire to do real physical harm to others, but he does have a few special skills that are very effective to that end. In direct contrast to that, he has a few skills that are most effective at healing damage done to himself or others. Those skills are:
1> Din Tasta - ("Wind Cutter") A horizontal dashing barrage attack. Can be used to get from place to place in an instant, or to hit many things very quickly. Usually this is done using a weapon like Half's bamboo staff, but can be done without any equpment at all. Often this is the ideal way to save himself from damage from a long fall.
2> Din Ala - ("Wind Wing") A horizontal moving wave-based projectile attack that can only be used with a weapon like his bamboo staff. The cutting end of the wave can cleave through objects far harder than the bamboo wood itself, but it doesn't have very long range. The opening swing of the attack is a very broad strong from behind to all the way forward, and it has a good chance of even catching obstacles behind Half in the initial non-cutting hit. When in combat, Half often chains this immediately following Din Tasta.
3> Din Ai - Ever played Street Fighter Alpha? This move is similar to a Gadouken with the short range, however it can pass through objects before entirely dissipating, meaning its range is rather fixed. The wind energy of the attack moves forward fast at first, growing slower until coming to a stop and disappearing entirely. The move can not do very much damange, but it is good at moving obstacles, and hitting various objects many many times very rapidly (if it begins to stop just over the object).
4> Bahks Ang ("White Fang") - Half thrusts his bamboo staff toward the ground, lifting himself off from the ground entirely before creating a "wind caccoon" around himself that deflects various dangerous things. While performing this skill, Half is able to heal himself a bit.
5> Bahks Ind ("White Wind") - A horizontal evasion technique. At a glance, it's a non-attacking Din Tasta, however it is more akin to a hookshot or a teleportation spell. It can be used to either place himself out of the way of danger, to swap his own position with that or someone else immediately in line with himself, or to grab a distant object without "moving" to its location.
6> Bahks Ala ("White Wing") - An assistance skill, it allows Half temporarily float someone or something just a few inches above a nearby surface. It doesn't last very long, and in most cases, the longevity of the effect is halved as the energy for it is absorbed to heal the effected as long as a body will accept it. It tends to be useful for moving more quickly through the air, or to prevent something from landing (Like keeping a heavy stone just above a switch).
7> K.B.R. - I don't know what this does. Half won't tell me. Apparently, it has something to do with the character Kyle from the Demon Gate RPG.

Question and Answer

Q: What's the difference between Half and Media? Half and Sky? Media and Sky?
A: Media and Sky are both still Half, but a female-in-gender version. Media looks quite a lot like Half, but Sky looks almost like a different character entirely. Despite having awknoledged genders, all three of the characters are considered to be of a nuetral-sex, and are incapable reproduction That would cause problems because of their nature as immortal.
Q: Wait....he's a chibi?
A: Kinda. He is tiny. Don't know if chibi is the right word.
Q: Why'd you give him a bunch of attacks, and what language is that?
A: Half has been in a lot of game ideas in the past, and has been used in RPs as well. The skills are the ones he's been demonstrated as using before that have some rather set limits. And the language is "Ookbooken". It's fictional, and frankly, I totally lost whatever rulesheet I used to follow to make it. Simimarlly, Din Ai was made after losing that sheet, and for that reason lacks an English counterpart. Probably has something to do with Wind though, from the Din in it.

If you have any questions about my characters, feel free to ask me through Email or IM, and I'll see about getting an answer. It may appear on their page!