Likes: Women, being unique, making stuff, being popular, friends.

Dislikes: A few specific members of his family.

Trivia: This character is named after a childhood friend of mine named James, which he is loosely based on.


James left home from a caring family after a deep conflict with a close family member bothered him. He spent some time working various odd jobs around the nearest city to get funds to support himself, eventually encountering Troy and his party as they passed through. Seeing their adventure as a chance for him to make friends and get away from his family, he joins the party and follows them on their adventure for quite a while. Eventually he meets up with Kayla whom he promptly falls in love with. When the two are seperated after a very violent battle for the lives of the party, James becomes unstable, and blames the loss of his closest friend on the very party he traveled with, and seeks vengance.

Question and Answer

Q: What does James contribute in battle?
A: Whatever is handy. From defending himself with a broom, to scrambling to force a scrolled spell to work, James is great at using anything immediately available to advance the attack. However, he is easily distracted or confused.

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