Likes: Balloons, clean living space, comfort, jewels and glittering things, skirts and dresses, stories, and the color pink.

Dislikes: Not having private space and not having options in situations she'd like.

Trivia: Sometimes Jewels goes deep into the forest to her secret spot to have "picnics" and play alone. It was in one of those places that she actually met Kilo in a single, very embarrasing moment of friend making.


The first picture of Jewels that seems to have gotten the idea I had in mind correctly. She's got a nice dress. More experimentation to try to get the right outfit for Jewels. In this particular image, she has the look of a Half-Bunni. But she is not a Half-Bunni. She's 100% Bunni.


One of Ribbon's many sisters, and one of the few of her family to be given a designated name and role for useage in stories and things, Jewels has a passionate lust-love towards balloons, but the family situation doesn't allow her to keep any for herself at home. She always keeps in contact with Luna and often asks if she can leave things with her, or play at Luna's home, or if she can stay there overnight sometimes. She likes her family, but more often than not just wants to spend time alone entertaining herself. She likes to read, write, tell, and hear all kinds of stories, she often has balloon themed stories she usually keeps to herself. She has amazing skill at cleaning things, having had it be her role in the family for as long as she was able to do so. She is a friend of Kilo, and because of that, Ribbons sometimes has fits of jealousy about it. Jewels blushes very frequently (especially around balloons, which makes parties a little rough for her), and she enjoys the way dresses and skirts feel on her.

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