Likes: Meow~ (Traslation: Direct contact such as hugs and petting)

Dislikes: MOW! (Translation: I have no idea.)

Trivia: Katie is amazing at hide and seek.


Katie is tiny and cute and mewly and pops up everywhere!


Katie is another one of Kilo's rubbery living toys: a tiny pearly-white rubber cat. Unlike Wolfe, she doesn't seem to harbor communication skills like those of a human, and her speech is limited to mostly mews, meows, nyans, and some growling when threatened. She has a knack for popping up in the most inopportune places, like inside of one's shirt when trying to fix it, or under a box one lifted from the ground, or behind a closet door the moment one opens it, or under one's pillow cover the moment one goes to fluff it. Katie is the scout and mascot for the Toy Patrol. While Katie doesn't showcase strong communication skills, Wolfe and Tiffany often demonstrate an ability to understand what she is saying very clearly. However, Wolfe's general lack of focus leaves him unable to translate; something that Tiffany tends to manage through just fine.

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