Likes: Moving quickly, fast-pased action, excitement, justice, hard-candies.

Dislikes: Perverts, naughty thoughts, wrongdoings, illogical behaviors.

Trivia: He was originally a MUDing character from Sabrous MUD, but he changed drastrically as I tried to cope with mental issues stemming from not drawing a clean enough line between myself and my characters while I was a member of that MUD. After leaving for the last time, this character's name changed from Kegatyume [gate key (y)um] to Keyume, and near everything about him changed, except some of his most basic desires.


Kegatyume as he used to appear before his total overhaul. He's cute, and loves having something in his mouth. This is where Keyume's love of hard candy comes from. This came from a page of silly black-and-white only images I was working on but hadn't completely filled. I thought the sketch came out neat, and put color over it. Keyume's humanity is obvious, here. Cream and Keyume on the same page. This was one of the first uploaded drawings I ever started showing of Keyume. To me, it is still one of the best.


Keyume is a kind of robot-boy created to test the growth potential of an artificially created being. He was raised by a caring family that adopted him, thinking he was an abandoned child, and he grew and learned rapidly while with them.
Eventually, his BURNING SENSE OF JUSTICE caught up with him after learning of a string of robberies of nanotechnology (Or magic. It sorta depends, actually. They're nearly the same) embedded in jewelry took place, and he went to go try to stop the thief. Because of just that, he ends up crossing paths with Silvini and Cohort rather often, and they're not exactly the most compatible people.

Question and Answer

Q: Nanotech and Magic are interchangable... does that mean he can be a chimera? homunculus? Golemn... Construct thing?
A: Yep, that's about right. However the intelligence and wellbeing of Keyume is entirely seperate from his creator, so he's not quite like a familiar.
Q: Do Keyume and Cream know each other?
A: Only if we're in the magical world.

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