Likes: Balloons, friends, toys, inflatables, laughter, and smiles.

Dislikes: Remembering his past, bloodshed, death, liars, and popping inflatables with sharp objects.

Trivia: Kilo was actually created AFTER Kimmy, originally to fill the originally irrelevant role as Kimmy's father. However as time passed, Kilo saw far more use and character development than his daughter.


KILO HAS NIP! :D KILO HAS NIP! :3 YAY LIQUID NIP :D I mean... MEW. Kilo and his tiny friend Variable are on a quest to SAVE THE UNIVERSE! Kilo and his alternate universe female counterpart chum it up and fill the area with magic bubble-balloon-ball thingies. Kilo, Kimmy, Wolfe, and Luna all together have their photo taken. Cuteness everywhere!


Long story short, once upon a time, there was a homeless kid who was raised by the locals. He made friends with a rich Felyne named Charlotte, and an average, but sorta perverted rodent-like guy named Iori. Kilo grew up, got his own home, adopted a daughter, and met up with most of his old friends again and from then on lived a relaxed life.

Question and Answer

Q: Wait, but what about that pic with the sword? And why does he sound depressed in some of these? And what's that blog of his all about?
A: Chances are, it's mostly something to do with the Sabrous incarnation of Kilo. I don't exactly want to recount most of that. Suffice to say that the main version you'll see around on my site are based on the Kibrosa version of Kilo, who is very much the same as the Sab. Kilo, but he can't recall most of his Sab. past as majority of it has been made irrelevant by his new life on Kibrosa. So if you're looking for info on that version of Kilo, you're checking the wrong place.

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