Kimmy - "Kim."

Likes: Water, Swimming, sunlight, mornings, bright things, friends, family, and learning.

Dislikes: Being called Kimmy by anyone except her parents (serious pet peeve), violence,and letting passion or whim have precedence over logic.


  • With the only exception being her parents, Kimmy only responds to the name "Kim". Not "Kitten", not "Sweety", not "Hey, you". Calling her "Kimmy" is likely to make her ignore someone entirely, if she has corrected them more than once. Since this isn't being written for her to read, I'm going to use her formal name throughout.

  • She always makes sure to have real rubber balloons around for parties she throws regularlly for her father, and is adamant on her rule of inflating them herself.


Kimmy as she looks taking a photo with Luna, Wolfe, and Kilo. A few sketches of Kimmy: a badly done one of her sitting with legs spread, another one of her standing proud in her usual outfit, and one last sketch of her standing in her favorite bikini with a curious expression. One of my favorite pics of her, actually. She smiles and waves, basically. One of my favorite pics I've ever made, and the main thing that motivated me to draw more frequently. This pic is just Kimmy diving into a pool in her favorite outfit. If not for this pic, there would be no Kilo, no Kibrosa, no Travis, and most of the characters on my character list would never have been created nor have had a reason to be made. this pic has value. Unfortunatly, the original of it is nowhere to be found. Lost it in my first harddrive crash on my first laptop.


Kimmy is Kilo's adopted daughter. The bond between the two is very strong, and they care deeply for the wellbeing of each other. While Kimmy seems to have no obvious mother, Charlotte seems visit them often to make sure things are well between them and to help out with anything else that might come up. Her closest friends are Ribbons, who is rather different from her but she met as a higher-up from her school and stuck with; Maribelle, another friend from the same school who seemed as bright as her, but didn't have as much as common with her; Luna, whom she met from her father's work and has a few strong things in common with; and (in continuties in which he exists) Travis, who made an abrupt landing outside her home one day, leading to her caring for him while he took time to recover. Maribelle and Ribbons both made frequent advances on her father which bothered Kimmy for a time, though eventually she realized it wasn't the advances themselves, but just Maribelle's particuarlly aggressive and exploitive manner of doing so. After leading Mari into pursuits more to her interests, Kimmy was more accepting of Ribbons's constant attempts at Kilo. Kimmy is bright, and rather fond of learning new things. She has a knack for technology and magic, and seeks to improve her skills with them.

Question and Answer

Q: Who was first, Kim or Luna?
A: Luna was made in advance. So far before Kimmy, actually, that by the time I made a personal model sheet for Kimmy and started to draw her more frequently in my images, I had entirely forgotten I gave away the original iamge of Luna to a previous teacher of mine until I accidentally stumbled across the picture later in my life. I'm quite surprised they kept it so long. So yeah, Luna's been around longer, but she didn't see nearly as much use as Kimmy did until years later, after recreating the character and doing some redesign.

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