Likes: Growing, power, electricity, taking things apart, laughing, having authority, learning, and grapes.

Dislikes: Not being heard, being ignored, being tickled, fire.

Trivia: As of today (15 June 2009), KTAN is probably my favorite of my robot characters.


So cute. I can sorta imagine this being a loading pic for a KTAN based minigame or something. YOU'RE NOT LISTENING TO ME OH NO YOU DIDN'T SAY YOU CAN'T HEAR ME I'LL TEAR YOU TO BITS Some of the earlier pics of KTAN. Much fun~


KTAN is the miniature cat-shaped robot assistant created by Dr. D. to keep him company on lonely nights and to help with tasks involving manipulating things he can not easily reach. KTAN's legs and tail are long and flexible as they are a kind of durable metalic thread. When whipped quickly, they are very capable cutting devices. The tail also has a sort of energy current running through it at all times. It is able to damage things made of bubble material, and allows KTAN to absorb energy from the atmosphere while discharging waste energy. Her facial display dome is effectively one of the most protected parts of her body, with multiple layers of shielding over it, and the dome itself essecially being a bubble shield itself for the facial expressions to be projected onto. KTAN's ears have tiny decorative bulbs on the tips, and similar bulbs inside the frontmost section of her feetpaws. Those bulbs are sensitive to touch, and triggers a response much like tickling, which she hates. This is ultimately the weakpoint of her main body. However, when KTAN was created, she was developed with the ability to expand and learn, and to have her own emotions. Rapidly, KTAN evolved from a parrot of her creator's interests and teachings into her own independent character, and showcased interests far out from her own maker's. She did not abandon Dr. D, but she doesn't spend much time with him after she learns a bit. KTAN normally can not eat, but grapes fascinate her anyway. KTAN can fly.

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