Lea (cat)

Likes: Affection, attention, sweets

Dislikes: Sadness of others, death threats (Even joking), broccolli, bitter tasting foods, tight closed spaces.

Trivia: While I usually make a point about the appearence of my characters having little to do with their actual age at heart, this is one of very few characters I have that actually acts childlike frequently.


I love that shirt. Someone should make it. Right now. She's really affectionate too. And it's totally innocent but awkward none the less. Yay The triangle-ish patterns remind me of a cat I saw before once, actually. I'm not entirely sure why, as I don't think I intentionally based her on any in particular. People seem quick to notice there's a balloon in this one. She doesn't like balloons like the balloony four (Kilo, Luna, Half, Jewels), but my justification for her playing with one in that pic is IT IS FUN! :D


This affectionate kitten just really wants some friends to keep close, a place to call home, and meals provided regularlly. She has very few outstanding qualities on the surface, though she seems to have some untapped art skill, and a particular knack for getting into any place she wants to get into, without necessarily knowing how to get back out without help.

Question and Answer

Q: (by Genoguy) So is Lea just a random character that has her own lifestyle wandering around?
A: Pretty much. She was originally created to replace Kilo, Ray, and a ton of other alts as my main RP character in an old MUD I used to play after I had a lot of issues coping with some stuff in the MUD, though she saw little use there, she is a fun character I intend to use somewhere else someday.

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