Likes: Friends, movement, exersize, challenges, touching, and affection.

Dislikes: Sitting still without interactive activities.

Trivia: This character was created after Kimmy and Luna, but far before Kilo, Half, and a lot of my other characters. She originally was more like a "Kimmy 2", but changed into a character more fitting as a friend or assistant of Nagoradria Eeiness.


An old animation strip color-over based on an even older animation I did. Stull cute, and still a decent color reference for Lily. Lily gets a revisiting. Come to think of it, she could probably use a new pic here in 2009


Lily is an energetic, high-spirited dog-looking-girl-thingy that likes to play a lot and have fun outdoors. She generally shows affection for friends by tacklehugging them and playfully wrestling with them. She doesn't show up in a lot of places, but she's good friends with Half and often shows up around him as a playmate. Once upon a time, she was kidnapped to lure Half into a trap filled with dragons that did not view him well, and Half went to rescue her.

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