Likes: Balloons, Friends, Play, Helping others, Strawberries, candy

Dislikes: Mean people, Running out of money


  • Between Kilo, Half, Jewels, Focomi, and herself, Luna's feelings towards balloons make her a bit of an odd-one-out. She is however well regaurded by all of those others.

  • Luna is often mistaken for Ribbons in drawings (Especially face-shots). However, Luna's half-Bunni leg structure and Ribbons's Bunni leg structures are very different.

  • Luna has her own private website.


MSpaint Luna with a blue helium balloon and a bag of balloons. Looks like she plans to go play soon. Luna gets a little too caught up in her balloon play and pops one. Just a silly little sketch, though. one of my personal favorites. Luna rides on a huge, squeaky, transparent balloon, smiling gleefully with her new golden fur. Luna isn't too vocal about it except playing around at sleepover parties, but she loves the feel of a soft balloon rubbing against her PJs and it helps her relax to go to sleep.


Luna was a part of a space program. Few believe it, so it's generally regaurded as only a rumor. She seems to have a knack for performing simple mathematical tasks such as addition or multiplication with large integers instaneously. She is also great at estimating the size and distance of objects by sight. Luna loves balloons immensely and spends every day working with them, either professionally, or just playing with them in her own time, or giving them away, or having them as part of games and parties. Her love of balloons attracts friends with similar interests, and while she's sometimes at odds with them, she undestands them well enough to work effectively with them and help them out when she is able. Outside of her areas of interests, though, Luna tends to come off as scatterbrained and uneducated. Luna has plenty in common with Kilo, and they're good friends. Luna spends most of her daily life post-space-program working a balloon and party specialty shop. Kilo usually handles the business deliveries for her.

Luna's shopwork isn't done to maximize profit, but so that she can enjoy herself while offering somethign to others that they can enjoy. Because of this, her greatest fear is often simply running out of money. However, due to her previous space work's funding and close friendship with one of the most influencial people near her home (Kilo), it is unlikely such a thing will ever happen.

Question and Answer

A: I'll come back and tell you when I find it. She didn't tell me how to get there.

Q: How old are you, Luna?
A: When was I borned? I think you have to ask the gobernment-gumbornmint-gunbro-[...]

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