Likes: Constant attention, acting / impersonating others, and being popular.

Dislikes: Lonliness and people who she thinks are trying to be better than her.

Trivia: My relationship with this character flips on and off like a lamp with a shortage in a power wire. I like her sometimes, and really strongly dislike her othertimes.


Second image of a four part sequence. This is Maribelle on an average day. This is the final image of the four part sequence. This is probably the most adorable picture of Maribelle you will ever see from me. It's super deformed, silly, and totally in character. She doesn't mean ill, she just totally lacks tact. Funny how she takes up drawing, and it ends up reflecting her soul, in a sense. This was drawin during one of those period where I swung from DISLIKE to LIKE again with Maribelle and started doing some design tweaks. These seem about right and neat. Maribelle models for various video websites. Her attractiveness comes from her NOTHING IS OFF LIMITS attitude, that lends to her catering to a lot of different interests in her videos. Balloons included.


For a time, she was a friend a upper-clasmate of both Ribbons and Kimmy. Her association with Ribbons stems from her being the first person she ever met who could keep up with her "dirty talk" and understand clearly what she meant. However, beyond some shared interests in naughty talk, kinks, and taboo matters, the Mari and Ribbons had litte in common, and Kimmy had even less. In some ways, it makes it seem like her desperate attempts to get at Kilo was her way to try to win her friends back. However, her over-the-top aggressive antics to get at Kilo pushed her away from Kimmy, and Ribbons has very near forgotten her since Mari own obsession with Kilo took off. Eventually, Maribelle moved away from one of the hmouses near Kilo's and made herself home deep in the Dragonnette forest. In her new home, she makes her money by alternating between performing various services for passersby and by modeling for a web-based video site. While she's content with her ever growing pool of viewers and fans, she can never shake away the feeling that she's not quite as happy as she could be.

Question and Answer

Q: What were some of those antics she tried to get Kilo with?
A: The worst would probably be the one where she tried to disguise herself as Kimmy to get close to Kilo, and then try to use his confused affection to seduce him. That scheme in particular bothered Kimmy to most, as it did succeed with a partial amount of succees, and left some issues between Kimmy and Kilo to work through after the fact. Another would be the time she tried to imiate Kilo as closely as possible to make him light her. And probably the least elaborate of all her attempts was the day she simply tried to pounce Kilo and strip him naked the day they met after she had ordered a delievery from a nearby shop solely to lure him there.
Q: She's not very nice is she? A: She's not neccessarily rude or obnoxious so much as she lacks a sense of tact. Because of that, very few things seem out of bounds to her, and this lends to her not understanding why people just as often dislike her as adore her.

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