Likes: Logic, Goals.

Trivia: This character was once named "N/A" because I couldn't think of a better name. Eventually, I decided almost anything would be better.


Redlin is the robotic woman in a shiny red dress. Don't let her looks distract you, or you may wind up dead. She was built as a personal research project of someone inside Escriba Island's local government, and seems to have been created as a weapon of mass destruction with benefits. Wow. She was designed to remain loyal to the first person she recognizes and confirms immediately after activation, and to let them determine her registered name. There is an off-switch hidden in her belly button in the top fold, and it will only work if held in place with high pressure for 10 seconds. Shutting down her systems through that method will cause all of her memories and information to be stored in her database, backed up remotely though a wireless network, and a log would be created on the systems of the creator. Because of that remote database, she is easily tracked by that system. Ruriguard happens to stumble across her when trying to escape from capture, and activates her by accident. She requests a name, and he gives her one spontaneously, assuming it wouldn't matter. She was left behind to her own devices initially, but later she is commanded to kill Ruriguard by someone else. Ruriguard commands her to stop, and his command overrides the other, and from that point on, he keeps her in close tow, to prevent similar from happening again. However, Ruriguard has mixed feelings about Redlin. He neither likes the name he gave her (can't change it), the fact that she's essencially a walking deathmachine, and the fact that her appearence is a constant reminder of the off-landers he read about but could never meet. However, she does prove to have valuable tools, and in Ruriguard's opinion "she has a nice body". She tends to serve as an assistent in Ruriguards endeavors.

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