Likes: Kilo, ribbons, video games, cute things, and the color green.

Dislikes: Anyone else getting too close to Kilo, and boredom.

Trivia: Ribbons always has a tiny white bag she stores things in all the time. Frequently, when she is not carrying it in hand, she has it placed over her tail. From a short distance, few can tell the difference.


A nice little wallpaper I made which showcases how Ribbons enjoys tying things up and being tied up. Ribbons gets a bunch of balloons to tease Kilo with and get his attention


A Kilo-obsessed Bunni with a jealousy streak. She loves games, and has a video game titled after herself starring her on an adventure to save the world from destruction. However, she's neither famous nor a real adventurer. Her game didn't sell that well, though she's often rather voiced about her desire for a second game. She is, however, great with tying ribbons and bows and ribbon-dancing, and likes to put on a show for Kilo when she's not tacklehugging him or otherwise trying to make him fall in love with her. She's good friends with Kimmy and checks in with her about as often as she visits and follows Kilo. Her favorite game company is Pretendo and she carries her GameGuy Promoted everywhere she goes in her tiny white bag. Contrary to what my pictures might suggest, Ribbons doesn't have any special feelings toward balloons, positive or negative. She only really interacts with them if she sees them at parties or other outings, or if it's something Kilo related. Ribbons is a generally unfocused Bunni girl who is often annoyed by her family and spends as much time as possible away from home. She met Kilo one day when she was traveling through the forest, and he complimented her saying that she was cute. Ribbons wasn't accustomed to hearing such things, took it to heart, and started following Kilo from then on. She frequently makes herself right at home at Kilo's house and occasionally at Charlotte's.

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