Likes: Learning, technology, magic, biology, being squeezed tight.

Dislikes: Not being heard, being heard, but ignored, being torn.

Trivia: While she is 100% a toy- living or not- Rosie's seams and other tell-tell signs of toyness are most visible when she is sleeping. When active, those details seem to disappear entirely.


Either Rosie has some kind of plan, or she's making a new sign of some sort. Or maybe she's leaving a letter. In any case, I like her red outter garment more than her other clothing set that she usually has under it... mostly. A questionable image sequence, but meant in good humor. Tori gets up in the morning to play with his toys, and shows them that he's actually listening to what they're saying. Most of the time. Orkirid is overjoyed with what she gets out of it.


Tori built Rosie as toy to keep close and play with when he wanted to have fun. Eventually something happened that gave her sentience, and so now she's a living doll. She sorta wants to be treated like any other sentient creature and protests at Tori about that, but in the end, she actually really enjoys being played with. She has similar goals to those of her friend Orkirid, though unlike her friend, Rosie openly enjoys being played.

Question and Answer

Q: Wants to sort of become like a normal person?
A: Pretty much, and thanks to this stuff called magic in her world she comes from, it's not entirely out of the question.

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