Likes: Women, reading, action, power, knowledge, discovery, and fire.

Dislikes: Unnecessary suffering, nagging, the local government, swimming, water, and ice.

Trivia: This was the first character I ever had a dedicated notebook of information for.


A sketch of Kilo and a sketch of Red. Neither are particularlly interesting, though. This is actually the single best pic of Red I've done. Something about the lighting just seems very right.


Ruriguard is an inhabitant of Escriba Island who spent most of his younger years at peace with his family as the only son of his immediate family. Red's three sisters, his mother, and his father were all rather a rather close-knit group until his father left to serve at the local government office of the island. He Pretty much disappeared. Around the same time, Ruriguard, or rather "Red", discovered he had the ability to manipulate flame with his thoughts, amoung other things. He practiced frequently, and deveoped the skill over the course of three years.

A group from the government came to Red's house and took him away, along with the rest of his family. The next thing Red knew, he woke up in a laboratory with a lot of people in strange uniforms scrambling about. Red this meets Ru, who takes a vial of chemicals, and blessed it, and by some means made it so that the vial, no matter what, would always be half full. Red exploits this quality, and turns the fluid into his primary means of attack by setting it ablaze with the skills he learned before, and quests to find or avenge his family.

Red's generally a pretty level-headed guy, but he tends to get riled up from time to time, and genuinely enjoys beating down or burning things occasionally. His relationship with his sisters is very questionable, and it's obvious by his tendency to outburst aggressively in response to mention of her that he really does care about her. He hasn't found her since she was taken away, though. He is the one who ended up accidentally activating Redlin, and the one who gave her her new name. Ruriguard is amused at the thought of what lies beyond the island, but he hasn't seen it for himself.

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