Likes: Sex appeal, chocolate, beautiful things, power, and attention.

Dislikes: Boredom and denial of her beatuy.


I'm not too fond of how this sketch of Silvini came out, but I think her facial expression is just adorable for here. Right now, this is my favorite picture of Silvini so far. She's in her original traveling gear. It's a little showy when she's in motion, but she claims that it is good for distracting people or getting more attention when she wants it.


A lady who simply loves attention and craves power and popularity, Silvini has natural skill with light and fire magic, with a bent towards illusionary spells. She can be loud and boastful, and is just as much of a pervert as Cohort, and she tends to get along well with him. For a time, she took up theivery as a means to acquire some magically empowered gems to significantly improve her magic powers, but she kept running into Keyume who would retrieve them and return them. So eventually she learned to magically charge her own possessions and gave up on taking those gems. She eventually kicks back and hangs around a nice place she found to become a paid pornstar model, but frequently experiences a longing to go back to adventure.

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