Likes: Relaxation, comfort, TV, dolls, water, and tentacles. Later in his life, beautiful women get added to the list, while comfort is replaced with pleasure. The love of dolls doesn't disappear, but he becomes less overt about it.

Dislikes: Bloody combat, and eventually the concept of marriage.



Tori in general is a pretty questionable character, but he does all the things he does in good spirit. He just likes to play, is all. Also, no, he's not into balloons. He just has a huge one left over as a gift from Kilo. Tori playing with one of his earlier dolls. Not quite one of his favorites, but he had fun with it. Unf unf unf unf unf~ A page of doodles. Nothing too special. Just Tori being his usual self.


Originally created as Terry, Tori had his start as a fancharacter that changed between two different kinds of rodent-based creatures before being settled into a Bunni.
Terry was orginally a part of Troy and Travis's temporary crew. He was a guy who loved to meet women and court them, and generally have them around. When he met Sally, he found someone he thought he wanted to settle down with. This didn't sit well with his family of predators, that considered themselves "incompatible" with rabbit-like creatures such as Sally. Terry became a sort of a sort of outcast for this, and tried hard to stay with Sally though any trials that came his way, however his love of women and the women he had known in the past kept interfering. After ending his travels with Troy and co, and having his own lands entirely split to a seperate plant from the one Troy is from, something occurs that leads to Terry freezing the whole planet into an unchanging state moments before it is to be destroyed.
Tori on the other hand is tiny, friendly, and more innocent than his otherworldly counterpart. Tori is gifted with an ability to manipulate water into various forms based on what is immediately in hand. However, his first discovery of this talent was in hold of a carrot, and he formed the association that the use of mildly phallic objects allows him to create water tentacles that can be used for various purposes. His earliest experiments with the technique was to entertain himself by playing with toys. This eventually lead to his love of stuffed toys and dolls, and is the reason why he learned to make his own dolls. Over time, Tori becomes more like the Terry mentioned above and often switches between the names Tori, Terry, and Thomas depending on the situation. He meets up with Kilo, and they end up on an adventure of a sort. (It is worth noting that their adventure, and Tori's growth fall outside the scope of Kibrosa canon, and are an entirely seperate continuity, moving Kilo from his housed delivery-boy status to a homeless guy who works at a shop to earn his stay there.)

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