Likes: Promotions, cold temperatures, flight, Kimmy, and other friends.

Dislikes: Failure.



One of the few pics I still have left on my site of Trav... Wow.


Once upon a time, there was a long drawn-out story about a angel's ascent to a high level of being by completing many tasked handed to him until he reached a point of truely understanding his creator's intetions and was given more reign over the fate of the very universe he existed in.
Once upon a time.
Travis's role in my plans and most of his past story is a moot point, now. He used to be a close friend of Kimmy during a time he crashlanded and was temporarily stranded near her home. She saw him, and trusted him, and took him in to her home while he recovered, and during that period they had many good experiences together. That's not exactly canon anymore. Travis also played a key role in guiding Troy and his friends to their end destiantion, and that is still considered canon, but any story involving Travis or Troy is likely to never be completed.

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