Likes: Wolfe likes to play.

Dislikes: Not playing. Yep, that's about it.

Trivia: Wolfe started off as bright as any other character, then eventually seemed to lose that intelligence. However, it ended up being that the character, in the limited scope of his interests, has less use for other expressions outside for the times he's feeling like imitating something else he saw or when instructed to do something more complex than usual.


Wolfe with two people that are basically his family, and a third that he doesn't really know but likes to slurp a lot. BBWolfe was made before the original Wolfe as a test character for something I can't even remember. However, I liked the idea of the normal Wolfe more, and decided to stick with him. BBWolfe being the larger thing in the yellow outfit, and Wolfe being the smaller one having fun with a pump. Just more Wolfe. While this image isn't very high quality, I'm rather fond of it.


A very friendly, and affectionate pet-like-toy-friend-guy. He bounds about on his four legs at high speeds, and frequently pounces nearby people, asking to play. He is rubbery, tends to slurp people a lot, and is rather squeaky. Wolfe has a tendency to puff up like a balloon when tickled or pleased, and is very thick and durable. However, he isn't indestructable, and can be popped like most other inflatables. He seems to actually enjoy it though, and instantaneously reforms in such an event (It looks something like an explosive version of shedding). This does however use a lot of his energy, and he tends to fall asleep shortly after. Rest and Wake states for Wolfe are very much like an on-off switch for a lamp. He's either up and active, or asleep and recharging. He doesn't ever get "tired". Wolfe's slurps leave a kind of liquid rubber behind, which he sometimes uses to craft things. Combined with a fascination with paint play, and the bubble-material created by combining Wolfe's rubber with Cohort's dragonne bubbles, Cohort and Wolfe are able to make and are known to be reliable, reputable producers of dragonne-bubble items. Wolfe is somewhat like the pet of the Kilo household. However, there are no rules or laws keeping this in place, and Wolfe is just as intelligent as the others living there, despite not making much show of it frequently. Wolfe is usually with Kilobut it's more that Kilo likes to play with him a lot and has a lot of other rubbery things in his possession most of the time, so Wolfe sticks around all the time. Wolfe is the lead of the Toy Patrol.

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