Travisuped's Downloads - Danger Keeper

Danger Keeper is an arcade-style defensive-action game that stars the Danger Keeper, as he strives to keep Danger out of THE WORLD. Instructions are in the game: press F1 at any time to view them. You may need WinRAR to extract the files from the RAR file.


Video one - Danger Keeper 0.7 gameplay video with no sound and sorta broken Danger.
Video two - Danger Keeper 1.0 gameplay video. No sound this time because of recording tools, and not the game itself. The Danger behaves properly, it seems.


Danger Keeper Version 1.0 - This is the version you want. The earlier version is around mainly for archival purposes.
Danger Keeper Version 0.8 - No sound at all in this one, but otherwise pretty playable.