Mr. Bear

Likes: Cute little girls, computers, robots, electronics, Luna, photos, videos, and art.

Dislikes: Active work, exercise, large groups of people, and speaking.

Trivia: Mr. Bear is a newer character, made after Kilo, Half, Show, Candy, and many of the others on the list, but before characters like Lea and Variable. While he's existed for some time, he originally was not given a name and was seldom referred to.


Bear was the original pilot for the space mission that Luna was involved with, and he handled most of the computer and technological matters, while Luna handled most of the communications, recordings, and various experiments. The Bear rather fond of Luna, but she doesn't seem to be aware of it at all. Post-spacefaring, Bear spends most of his time at home on his computer, seeing to his niece Amy living in a home adjacent from Kilo's. Everyone who knows him calls him Mr. Bear. Mr. Bear doesn't speak the many people, and is very seldom seen outside of his home except when shopping or handling other important matters. While he doesn't leave often, he has some sort of online business he keeps up with that allows him to draw in a constant flow of money without leaving home. Most people don't even know his name. He does seem to have a great love of collecting some photos, videos, and art, however. He keeps the art to himself, in a personal gallery that he doesn't display to anyone else.

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