Likes: Pretty women, shiny things, cute girls, glittering things, food, sexy ladies, and pornstars models.

Dislikes: Any moment that doesn't involve either females or food.


  • While his status at home does entitle him to special treatment there, he tends to never stay home for the lack of women.

  • Despite being relatively tiny, he is actually capable of gulping down things several times larger than him in a single go.


Cohort is really fond of Silv, you see... I took a picture I had previously done in Pchat, and tried to make it better using GIMP. After accepting to be a part of an experiment in exchange for a steady supply of food and porn, Cohort is about to demonstrate the durability of a flawless Dragonnebubble by sitting on it while clawing at it with his now rubber-capped claws. Cohort's transformations are very seldom flawless, as you can see her. However, usually, the flaws are much more challenging to spot than say BEING ENTIRELY GREEN as if no change too place there at all.


Cohort is a Dragonne from Kibrosa who is rather boastful at times, is a massive pervert that loves his porn, loves to eat, and adores pretty women. He's good at transforming (but can't hold other forms around pretty women), and at creating flawless dragonnebubbles, which makes him a great source for creating a rather durable and common material used in Kibrosa.

There's also a vague possibility that he traveled on adventures with Silvini before she decided to become a pornstar model.

Cohort likes pornstars models. Not gonna see many of those in a shut off Dragonnette society. For this reason, he spends a lot of time away from home, despite being held in high regard there.

Question and Answer

Q: Why do you like women so much, Cohort?
A: Cohort: Women make EVERYTHING better! <3
A: Cohort: I prefer my food cooked and delicious and seasoned FOR A KING. Also anything that looks like a fish... But yeah. Easiest way to put something in a bubble to get rid of it, too!
Q: So its more an "Go away *om* *pfffffff* *push*"
A: Cohort: *OM* PFFFfffffffff *Bats the bubble towards the ground.* Yep~.

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